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DIY Garage Door Torsion Springs

To be sure you are ordering the correct garage door torsion springs, please watch our “How to Measure Torsion Springs Video” by clicking the link and read this page completely. This video also teaches you how to tell the difference in a left hand wound or right hand wound spring so that you order the correct replacement torsion spring if you are only replacing one. Our goal is to help you is to teach you and to help out in anyway through the process.  Listed below and on the springs size you find are some popular options and things you might want to change out while you are replacing your torsion spring. This could add life to you door and opener also make for a smoother more quiet door operation.

Round winding barsEnd bearing platesSteel center bearing13 ball bearing sealed nylon rollers

What You Should Know

If I have one spring on my door should I convert it to a double spring?

This is a very common question and should be considered if you wire diameter on you spring is .250 or larger. Then it will be very beneficial to switch to a double spring setup. You will be using 2 smaller springs each lifting half of the door weight. Usually the 2 spring setup will last longer than the single spring, also will make your end bearings plates last longer because of less left and right movement of the torsion shaft. It is also extra insurance to prevent a cable from coming off of the drum which is more common on a single spring.  When a spring does break on a double spring setup you still have tension on the cables and the one spring is still helping you lift about half of the door weight.

To convert your single spring to a double spring, get the measurements of your single spring and search for it on our site. Scroll to the bottom where the description is. The discription will tell you the lifting power of that spring for a 7ft and 8ft tall door. You will want a pair of springs that lift half of that weight each.

For example if you have a single spring that pulls 160 lbs on a 7ft door then you can do a search for 80 lbs pull and it will pull up springs that pull 80 lbs.  Just make sure the new spring pulls 80 lbs on a 7ft tall door.  We are working on having the conversion already figured up in the description for you.

If for any reason you still have questions, or don't see the size spring you need listed, call us at 1-866-813-7899 and we will be more than happy to help you.