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Vertical Track Set For 8 ft. Tall Garage Door


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Everything needed to replace your bent up vertical garage door track for an 8ft. tall door (includeds track bolts, jamb brackets, and left. and right side vertical track).

Vertical Track Set for 8′ tall door (Left. and Right)

When you go to repair the tracks on your garage door, you need everything, not just the tracks. Luckily, this set includes the track, screws and the brackets. Installing a vertical track set is a project that nearly any do it yourselfer can complete with just a few simple tools. A bent or broken track can prevent your door from working altogether or make it noisy and slow. Calling a professional to replace your track can be quite costly – luckily, you can do it yourself! This set includes both the left. and right track and is designed for your 8 ft. door. If you are concerned with the process of installing the track yourself, check out our tutorial or video section, or you can contact us online at any time. DIY Garage Door Parts Online is here to make every repair task easier on you!

Each track is 88 in. in length and includes track bolts and nuts along with 4 jam brackets.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 88 × 2 × 2 in