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Torsion Cables 3/32 in. for 7ft tall door (The best cable for quiet door operation)


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Torsion Cables 3/32 in.for a 7 foot tall door

These torsion cables are the thinnest and most flexible available for your 7 foot door. Even though the weight capacity of these cables is a little lower than some other cable options (at 950 pounds), this weight limit is still plenty of weight for most residential and light commercial garage doors. You will find that adding these cables to your door, instead of the generic model, will reduce the noise by a significant amount when compared to the standard torsion cables that are included with your standard installation kit. Installing torsion cables is a simple process – if you are interested in learning more about how you can do it yourself, check out the instructions in the video below. DIY Garage Door Parts Online always wants to make it easy for our customers to save money and time by completing these tasks at home and not calling a repairman!

* Try this trick to you make your door even more quiet by replacing the drums made for up to a 12′ ft tall door. This drum is less likely to slip as it is rated for heavier doors, but the they can handle cable is that is up to 5/32″. This allows for the 3/32″ torsion cables to not touch or rub and the grooves on the drum are deeper making for incredibly quiet door operation.

Garage Cable How To – DIY

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