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12 ft. Torque Force 400-144 Standard Lift Drum


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Compatible with all garage doors 12′ tall or less.

12′ Torque Force 400-144 Lift Drum – Standard

Sold as a pair, this includes both a left and a right Torque Force cable drum. These can be used on any door with a maximum height of 12′. These are ideal for heavy door, because they are designed to handle a heavy weight of up to 375 pounds – each. Replacing your cable lift drum is one of the simplest ways you can improve the overall operations of our door. If you find that your door is not opening or closing straight, chances are the cable drum could be what is causing your problem. Check out the tutorials available on DIY Garage Door Parts Online and learn how easy it is to change these out and wind up with an affordable repair job that may possibly add years of life to your existing opener mechanism. Do not waste another day dealing with a clunky or non-functioning door; replace your lift drums today.

Sold as a Pair (1 Left and 1 Right Drum).

Additional information

Weight 1.55 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 in