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Safety Restraint Cables For Extension Springs 7 x 7 Strand, 3/32 thickness for 7 ft. and 8 ft. tall garage door


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Safety Restraint Cables for Extension Springs 7 x 7 Strand 3/32″ Thickness

Safety cables are used to restrain the extension spring in case a spring or cable breaks on your garage door. These run through the center of the extension spring and are tied off on both ends. If you have any type of extension springs on your door, it is vital that you have some type of cable in place to prevent damage to you or your car if something breaks. Chances are, eventually your spring WILL break, so having this backup in place will keep you protected! Install these on your door to keep you and your family safe. These cables have a total length of 108 inches, making them ideal for many home and light commercial garage uses. If you are concerned about whether they will work for you, call or contact us or check out the video below for more information. After all, it is important you choose the right product for the job!

– Total length 120″

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