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Quiet 3/32 Torsion Cables for 8 ft. tall garage door


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Best cables if noise is a concern. Compatible with any 8ft tall garage door with torsion springs and standard 12″ or 15″ radius track.

Quiet 3/32 Torsion Cables for 8 Ft tall garage door

These torsion cables are 3/32 in. for 8 FT tall doors. They are designed to be thinner and thus more flexible than standard 1/8″ cable. This means that the cable has less chance to rub during the opening and closing process, so operation is quieter. The drawback is that the weight the cables can handle is lower (at only 950 pounds); however, this is more than enough weight for standard residential garage doors. Replacing your old 1/8″ cables with these torsion cables is not a difficult process. Here at DIY Garage Door Parts Online, we make the process easy for you. Check out our easy to follow tutorials or our custom videos to learn more about the how the process works, then follow along and get the cables changed out quickly and easily. All it takes is a little effort to change your cables and assure years of excellent, quiet service from door. You can also make your door even more silent while also preventing your drums from slipping buy using drums made for up to a 12′ ft tall door.

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