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Pro 44 Spray Lube


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Pro 44 Spray Lube

Rattles and squeaks are a big annoyance on the garage door – especially because this is something that you open and close many times on a daily basis. Luckily, a simple lube product can help rid your door of these problems and help add life the machinery. Pro 44 spray lube is one of the best options for lubrication because you don’t have to worry about messes – you just spray it on! This is the ultimate, anti-rust lubricant and it does not contain any harmful solvents or any type of silicone. A squeaky or rattling door is not something that you need to call a professional for, you can do it yourself. Check out our video to learn how you should apply lubricant and what type of results you should expect from your garage door after you apply lube. Relax – you have nothing to worry about; a quiet garage door is just around the corner.

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