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Moore O Matic Replacement Gear for XX150 and XX133


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Moore O Matic Replacement Gear for XX150 and XX133

This gear (part # 210802) is manufactured for Moore O Matic models XX133, XX150, X150X-S, XX333 and XX350. This is the gear that drives the main sprocket shaft in Moore O Matic doors. These have been difficult to find in the past, but we’ve made it easy! This gear comes with instructions, a roll pin and gear. The gear measurements are 2 1/4″ across, 1″ high, 20 teeth, tooth 5/8″high, hole 1/2″ diameter. Though Moore O Matic has been out of business for many years, these original replacement gears allow you to fix a common problem (stripped gear) without resorting to a full opener replacement.

Usually when you strip a gear in your Moore O Matic the motor runs, but the chain and to door does not move. Unplug the opener and remove the screws to take off the metal motor housing cover. Once removed, you will see the white nylon gear with shredded teeth and usually the metal housing contains white shavings from the gear. Simply change the gear and in the future remember to lubricate regularly to increase the life of your new gear.

You can do this easily by every couple of years lubricate the worm gear with some white lithium grease, this can be found at any hardware store or Lowe’s or Home Depot. This will with greatly increase life of the nylon drive gear by reducing heat and friction.

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