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Hormann FCT3B-315 Garage Door Opener Wireless Keypad (315 MHZ)


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The Hormann FCT3B-315 Wireless Keypad for Garage Door Opener is compatible with all SilentDrive Openers (Models 5500, 7500, and 8500). This 315 MHZ keypad includes an easy-to-replace 9 volt battery, assuring you can access the system even during a low-power scenerio. You can easily mount this to your garage wall using two Phillip’s head screws. The keypad is protected from dust and accidental button-pushing with a flip up cover. Each of the buttons include backlighting to assure you can access your keypad without effort even at night. Unlike some wireless keypads, the Hormann opener keypad allows the use of multiple codes so that different individuals can each access the door with their own unique code. This creates a super-secure environment. If you have been searching for the ideal addition to your garage door opener, then you should look no further than this wireless keypad.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 1.5 in