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Heavy Gauge Garage Door Hinges #2, 14 Gauge


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14 Gauge

Heavy Gauge Garage Door Hinge #2

Garage Hinges are designed to keep your garage door in place and hold it together. Inspect your garage door regularly and check out the hinges to make sure they are in good, working order. Garage Hinges are each numbered in accordance to where they are have been installed on your garage door. This is the #2 hinge, and it is installed in the middle bottom of your door. No matter which hinge you are replacing, use a high-quality hinge, as this adds life to the door as a whole. This 14 gauge hinge is the same grade of hinge used in commercial garage doors and will add years of life to your door. This is a major upgrade from the 18 gauge that came standard with a brand new door. Check out the options available to you and then place your order – this is one piece that you can’t afford not to replace when it needs work!

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Weight 0.49 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in