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Genie AC Screw Drive Limit Switch


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Replacement limit switch

Genie AC Screw Drive Limit Switch – The Genie AC Screw Drive Limit Switch is compatible with all Genie Screwdrive models except the Excellorator. The toggle switch touches a contact, which tells the motor to turn off. This a common part to fail due to corrosion on the contact. However, it is most common to break is the return spring that keeps the contacts from touching until pressure is applies. If your screw drive opener is going pass the switch and closing too far and then opens back up, or if it opens too high and stops when it jambs into the motor stop then your limit switch is probably needing to be replaced. Replacing this limit switch is something that you can do yourself—you don’t have to call a professional to complete the job for you! Follow the included instructions or check out our reference videos and tutorials for more information. 

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