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Extension Spring Cables Custom Length, 7X19 strand, 1/8 thickness


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Use these if your door is taller than 8ft. and using extension springs.

Please specify the length you need in the order notes at Checkout.

Custom Length Extension Spring Cables 7 x 19 strand, 1/8″ thickness.

If you do not have a standard 7 or 8 ft. tall garage door, you may think that replacing worn out or ruined extension spring cables is nearly an impossible task. You do not need to call a professional and spend hundreds of dollars to have this done for you, you can do it yourself with our custom length cables. These cables are an excellent upgrade when compared to the standard extension spring cables. They are made of more, thinner cables twisted together for added strength. These cables have a capacity of 1950 pounds with a high flexibility. This added flexibility means less chance of slippage and means tying off the cables is even easier. Purchase these cables from us as a pair and do it yourself – you will love the savings when you compare it to what you would spend to calling a repairman.

Sold as a pair.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 6 in