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About Us

About Us


What Makes DIY the Best Online?

What Makes DIY the Best Online?

At DIY Garage Door Parts, we hope to be the online garage door parts store that you tell your friends and family about. We work hard to deliver quality and made-in-the USA garage door parts, tools, and supplies to customers all over the United States. Our family-owned and American business is located in North Carolina. When you make an order with us, you will know that your parts came directly from our American warehouse. We sell garage door parts at wholesale prices to the public and businesses.

Garage door parts and repairs are our only business.  We know that sets us light years ahead of any of our online competition because we actually stock or produce the parts we sell and understand all of the components that go into functioning doors. We also only offer quality and made-in-America inventory and pride ourselves on providing excellent service, customer education, and a fair return policy.

Make your order with confidence. To order the parts and supplies that you need to fix or maintain your residential or commercial garage door, you can begin shopping in our online store right away. If you make an order, we will almost always ship it out within one day from our own warehouse. If you have any questions about your order, before or after you make a purchase, wewelcome your phone calls or chat via our online chat service.

DIY Tutorials

First, we'd like to invite you to view our online Garage Door Repair Help Center. We have gone to the trouble of producing dozens of tutorials to help you safely and efficiently repair and maintain your garage door the right way. Watch quick and helpful repair videos to learn how to order the right parts, how to repair a torsion spring, and much more. These videos should help you gain the confidence and skills that you need to make repairs and save hundreds of dollars.

We Are a True Distributor and Manufacturer 

So many of our competitors claim to distribute their own inventory, but it's pretty obvious that they are only drop shippers. We actually order and stock thousands of different tools, parts, and supplies. That means that we can purchase inventory at the lowest prices to pass savings on to you. It also means that we can ship out orders as soon as we get them. We offer wholesale prices and fast shipping for quality, American-made garage door parts and supplies.

Our competitors will let you wait. They only act as middle men who take your orders and pass them on to suppliers that might not even be in the United States. You have no guarantee of the quality or source of the parts. Because our competitors aren't really stocking most of the parts that they sell, they are very reluctant to accept returns. However, we can offer a very fair return policy and generous warranties. That is because we, unlike our competitors, actually understand and stock or produce the parts that we sell.

The Best Inventory and Customer Service in the Business 

We stock thousands of garage door parts, tools, and supplies. We have the expertise to carefully select quality inventory and negotiate prices with manufacturers. That's how we can ship fast, sell the best parts at the cheapest prices, and offer very fair returns and generous warranties. We'll work with you to order the right parts. However, if you happen to make a mistake, we'll also work with you to make it right! We want to help you repair and maintain your expensive garage doors and garage door openers.

If you can't find the residential or commercial garage door part you need, just ask. In some cases, we produce our own parts or make custom orders. In those cases, the order may take a bit longer to ship. However, you can also rely upon us to provide you with the rare or custom part that you might need, and we'll communicate with you during every step of the process.

We Want to Meet You Online 

Why not connect with us online? We make it really easy:

  • Connect with DIY Garage Door Parts on Google+ : You can stay updated, share us with your friends, and leave your comments.
  • Watch our garage door repair videos on YouTube: It's convenient to watch our tutorials on YouTube with your PC or mobile device. We also welcome your comments, and ask you to please share our videos with your friend.
  • Join our mailing list: You can find the signup form for our email list at the bottom of the page. We'll keep you updated about our business and offer you a discount on your next order.

Shop Online with Confidence at DIY Garage Door Parts Online 

There is no reason to take chances when you shop online for garage door parts. We want to help you save money. We know the best way to do that is to offer you reliable services, wholesale prices, and quality parts. We also go the extra mile by providing video tutorials and customer service.

We run a family-owned and American business right here in North Carolina. We ship quickly all over the United States. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and other third-party services. Start by shopping for the garage door supplies that you need in our online store. We welcome your feedback and questions by phone or online chat.

Our physical address is: 1749 Midway Rd, Stony Point, NC 28678.

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