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Guidelines for Connecting a Drawbar Operator to a Sectional Garage Door
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This technical data sheet provides guidelines for connecting a drawbar operator to typical types of sectional garage doors and their supporting structures. The guidelines apply to new or retrofit installations of sectional garage door/drawbar operator systems.

General. When a sectional garage door is opened and closed by means of a drawbar operator, it is important that the installation be secure enough to withstand the forces applied by the operator through repeated opening and closing cycles. The operator installation instructions should be followed.

Pull ropes and locking devices. It is important to remove any pull ropes from the door and to disable or remove any mechanical locking devices before installing an operator. Pull ropes are a potential entrapment hazard, and mechanical locking devices can interfere with the automatic operation of doors if such devices are engaged. Note: The door manufacturer's instructions should be consulted to determine whether to remove, versus disable, locking devices. Doors designed for higher wind loads may need to have locks disabled and not removed because such doors are usually wind load tested with locking devices engaged.

Header mounting bracket for the operator rail. To ensure proper function of a drawbar operator, the header mounting bracket (that supports the operator's trolley rail) must be of adequate strength, and must be securely fastened, for adequate structural support.
WARNING: While mounting this bracket, care must be used so as not to split the spring pad. Splitting the spring pad can cause the spring mount to pull off of the wall, spin, and injure a person in its vicinity.

Ceiling mounted bracket. Whether or not the garage has a finished ceiling, a support bracket (and additional fasteners) is required to support the power head from the ceiling. Ensure that the support bracket fasteners engage the ceiling joist(s), not just finishing material.

Intermediate rail support. Some operators require an intermediate rail support bracket to ensure proper rail support for the operator bracket. The manufacturer will usually include this bracket if it is needed, and will specify this in the installation instructions. A special support member may be needed if a long vertical support is required between the rail and the ceiling.

Bracket connecting the operator to the garage door: The bracket connecting the operator to the door must be structurally adequate based on the amount of force required to lift the door. The bracket arm should be no less than 10 degrees, and no greater than 30 degrees, from vertical when the door is in the fully closed position. See Figure 2.

Garage door top section reinforcement. Reinforce the top section of the garage door according to the manufacturer's instructions. In Figure 1, one example is given where horizontal reinforcement is placed at the top of the top section of the garage door, in close proximity to the connection of the operator bracket.

Installation instructions. Always refer to the sectional garage door and drawbar operator manufacturer's instructions regarding detailed installation instructions. Reliable operation of safety systems is dependent upon proper installation of the door and operator system.

Figure 1
Figure 2

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